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Professional trainings

Advanced trainings

The professional education proposed is suited to everyone who is engaged in a helping profession and who wants to acquire a client-centered counseling approach or learn new specific working methods and techniques.

In the helping professions, knowledge and technical skills and also the quality of the work itself can be transmitted and received only if expressed in a space of self-awareness and awareness of the other, using an appropriate form of communication.

Trainings, through experiential teaching, will be an opportunity for:
  • Exploring and deepening some of the most essential themes concerning helping professions and counseling.
  • Learning a psycho-spiritual approach to personality to help clients to unfold and support their inner resources and qualities.

The teaching is focused on giving support to both the professional competence and the humanist attitude of practitioners. Participants will, therefore, learn professional skills and techniques while practicing simple and effective methods of self-awareness, relaxation and presence.

The training content should be particularly interesting for counselors, facilitators, teachers, health and well-being practitioners, and social workers.

Training includes:
Counseling Skills Training
Relationship Awareness Training
Breath Training

In terms of continuing education, course attendance is also open to those who do not intend to complete the whole training program, but have specific personal or professional interests in only some workshops or learning modules.