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InSight offers experiential and transformational courses where participants can explore their essential nature, their own Self.

Each of the issues dealt with in workshops is understood and integrated with exercises, meditations and self-enquiry. A number of exploration techniques are employed, including breath work, voice dialogue, guided relaxation and regression.

Workshops are conducted in a trusting and relaxed atmosphere where participants can share an experience of love and respect for themselves and others.

During workshops, participants learn tools and skills, which can be successfully applied in daily practical experience, supporting them to create harmony and well-being in their lives.

InSight workshops are designed for all those who want to improve the quality of their lives in personal or professional areas, and bring awareness to their own behavior and the relational modes with themselves, others and the environment.

Workshops and Personal development processes


Relationship Awareness:
Essential Relating
Personality and Essence
Enneagram and Essence