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Essential Relating

Being aware of our behavior in relating to others can give us a sense of serenity, presence and relaxation. Then we can connect again with the essential qualities of love, compassion and respect for others and ourselves.

Well-being in our relationships and the ability to relate in a serene and mature way is directly connected with knowing our inner world and ourselves.

Parts of our inner world are both the essential quality of our Being and the intricate and distorted strategies of the Ego.

Essential Relating is the journey of awareness through this fascinating inner world.

With an experiential approach, we explore and bring understanding to the different aspects of our personality that generate dysfunctional relating behaviors and this allows us to then access the deeper levels of our Being.

This process has been developed as five complementary stages.

Although single workshops are conceived as independent modules, participation in the whole process brings about a more profound experience and gradual integration of issues.


Essential Relating 1: Journey into relationships
Essential Relating 2: Opening to intimacy
Essential Relating 3: Beyond needs and abandonment
Essential Relating 4: Conscious relating
Essential Relating 5: The art of loving