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Personality and Essence

Each of us comes into this world as a complete being, whole in our essential nature. As children, meditation and silence are natural and accessible aspects of our Being, as well as all the different fragrances of our essential qualities.

Traumas and conditioning we go through during our childhood slowly disconnect us from our authentic nature, and make us develop an emotional and deficient sense of self.

This sense of self, defensive and wounded, is the basis of our personality and it keeps on influencing our adult life.

When we unconsciously behave from the identification with this part of ourselves, we feel overwhelmed by our emotions and driven by our mind, anguish and negativity. We are incapable of simply being ourself, relaxed and present to the flow of life in the expression of our real potential.

The observation of these dynamics and the understanding of their matrix in our childhood can reveal our very personal and unique sense of well-being as a person, in a couple, in family life, and in our work environment.

During this process, with the pure, non-judgmental insight of awareness, we will journey back through the different stages of childhood development from birth to pre-adolescence.

We will bring awareness and understanding to the issues we encountered during our childhood, which have influenced the way we feel, behave and relate to others.

We will reconnect with those parts of us which are beyond personality, our Essential Qualities, our Being, our Inner Silence and Meditation.

This process has been designed as two complementary workshops.

Although single workshops are conceived as independent modules, participation in the whole process results in a more profound experience and gradual integration of issues.


Personality and Essence 1: Autonomy and trust
Personality and Essence 2: Creativity and initiative