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Individual sessions

There are moments in life in which we have to cope with particular emotional difficulties or personal and professional situations in which we are not able to connect with that inner clarity in us that could lead us towards our natural balance and well- being.

During individual sessions, in a space of receptive listening, we can find support in understanding the unconscious patterns that create the difficulties or obstacles to recognizing and reconnecting with our inner wisdom and resources and to find a unique, personal and creative solution for our uneasiness.

In open sessions, personal or relational issues can be explored. The approach is experiential and focused on developing the awareness of the client on a different level of perception and understanding. The exploration includes senses, emotions and mind.

The process of exploration itself leads to the understanding and integration of the issue in a deep and very personal way for each client, and it opens up the space to reconnect with inner resources and Essential Qualities of Being.