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Enneagram and Essence

The spiritual dimension of the Enneagram

In the process of moving through childhood, our soul develops an ego structure to compensate for the gradual loss of essence we were born with. We assimilate external conditioning, and believe and develop internal fears, which “fixates” the flavor of our experience and becomes the lens through which we look at our relationships with the world and with ourselves.

As we unfold in the evolution that our Being is moving towards, it is also helpful to access the insights that the Enneagram offers.

The Enneagram is a map that is comprised of nine different personality fixations. When we approach the enneagram in its spiritual dimension, we recognize that behind each enneatype different Essential Qualities of Being that the Ego tries to imitate in a distorted way are hidden.

In this seminar, we will explore the Enneagram and the qualities of the nine personality types. We will discover the 9 fixations; explore their origins, coping strategies and behaviors.

We will also work with and bring understanding to the way in which this map is related to the psychology of the ego and to the essential dimensions of being.

The exploration and understanding of the Enneagram will be used as a key to understanding our Essential Nature and as a way to start our individual process of reconnecting with the qualities of Being that we lost contact with in our childhood.

This workshop is not simply about the Enneagram, but also about inner transformation. It is about understanding the Personality or Ego in order to free ourselves from that identification. It is about orienting ourselves so that transformation is possible.