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Who we are

InSight is a non-profit cultural association, which aims at promoting individual and social well-being and development, based on practice of awareness and meditation.

In InSight’s vision, well-being grows through inner discovery and self-awareness as a key that allows the individual to approach life with a positive and responsible attitude towards himself and the world around him. 

The activities promoted by the Association have been inspired by the vision and inner search approach of the enlightened master Osho and by the comprehension and teachings of the DiamondLogos, developed by Faisal Muquaddam.

Our work

According to the InSight approach, each of us has the vital force and all the resources inside ourselves which are necessary to live the quality of life we aspire to.

Undertaking a path of personal growth allows us to recognize, rediscover and experience all these innate resources, our essential qualities, again. By opening ourselves to awareness and meditation, we are naturally guided and oriented towards what supports and enhances us on a daily basis. In this way, we bring understanding to the origins of our uneasiness, and integration follows.

InSight offers a method of self-exploration which integrates knowledge of psychology with the practices of awareness and meditation.

In experiential workshops and individual sessions, by using a gentle and respectful approach, InSight allows participants to experience profound understanding, which transforms their approach towards life and the way they relate to themselves, others and the environment they live within.

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