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Diamond Logos Teaching

Diamond: the capacity of precision and accuracy.
Logos: the word, the original word, which brings expression and articulation.
Teachings: the understanding of psychological patterns, which block our ability to reconnect with essence.

Most therapeutic approaches focus on bringing understanding to the Ego and its psychological structures, but they are rarely concerned about the mysteries of Being.

Also, many spiritual lineages and practices reveal the deepest dimensions of Soul and Being, but they often reinforce in us a sense of duality between the spiritual and material dimensions of life, creating a separation or a judgmental attitude towards material life issues.

DLT reunifies and resolves this duality and inner separation through the teachings, giving us back the freedom and relaxation to live the wholeness of our Being in daily life.

These teachings offer a beautiful approach to self-understanding and self–realization with the focus being on the felt-experience of what is being taught.

Self-inquiry and discovery unfold out of curiosity, openness and honesty towards what is lived and experienced in the here and now.

For people engaged in different fields of psychological therapy and spiritual teachings, this work offers precious tools for awareness, understanding and guidance to self-realization that can be used while working with others.

”These teachings are the divine articulation manifesting in the domain of the diamond, making the teachings communicable in a worldly sense. Much of the spiritual journey has not been communicated. The Diamond Logos articulates the guidance and grace of the mystery of existence… to be known, seen and felt.”   Faisal Muquaddam
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